College Development Council

There is an active College Development Council formed by the University with Vice Chancellor as the Chairman. The Director, College Development Council as Convenor, representatives from Government of Odisha (Dept. of Higher Education), University, autonomous and affiliated colleges are members of the CDC. The present structure of College Development Council is as follows:

The university conducts regular academic audit of the colleges under the leadership of Vice Chancellor. Senior professors and faculty members of the university regularly visit the colleges as part of local enquiry committee and interact with college authorities and teachers to encourage them for the purpose of academic developments. Conferences of Principals of affiliated colleges are held on the issues of affiliation under 2(f) and 12(b) of UGC and autonomous status. The Council identifies the developmental needs of its affiliated institutions through regular Conferences of Principals of affiliated colleges and works on the suggested measures for improvement. Besides, it organises regular visits to colleges by Director, College Development Council and teachers of the university.

The College Development Council of Rama Devi Women's University takes steps for promotion, coordination and raising the standard of education in Colleges. The Council provides the academic and administrative leadership to its 46 affiliated colleges spread across in 09 districts of the state of Odisha. The council also renders the support and encouragement to affiliated colleges to become centres of excellence.

Director, CDC : Prof. Chandi Charan Rath
Ph. No. : 9438194922
Email : cdc(at)rdwu(dot)ac(dot)in

For this purpose the Council

⇨ functions as a policy making body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of the colleges;

⇨ conducts surveys of all the affiliated colleges for maintaining an up-to-date profile of each college under the University;

⇨ advises the University on all matters relating to development of affiliated colleges;

⇨ prepares perspective plan for the development and opening of new colleges;

⇨ advises University in regard to rationalisation and implementation of the University Policy on affiliation of colleges;

⇨ helps Colleges in their proper development, selection of teachers, proper utilization of grants, efficient implementation of guidelines of University Grants Commission on examinations, courses, etc;

⇨ helps in the implementation of regulations framed by the University Grants Commission regarding academic standards and restructuring of courses at the undergraduate level;

⇨ identifies colleges for autonomous status;

⇨ evaluates and assesses the impact of grants of University Grants Commission;

⇨ ensures timely release of grant of University Grants Commission to the colleges and its proper utilization;

⇨ ensure close and continued contact and interaction between the academic faculties of the University and those of the colleges;

⇨ reviews inspection reports of the Colleges and take remedial steps;

⇨ prepares annual report on the functioning of the College Development Council and

⇨ performs such other functions as may be prescribed by the University with a view to advancing the course of collegiate education.

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