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The department of physics at Rama Devi Women’s University was started with an aspiration and intention to achieve the determined goals and set objectives with an aid of high-level teaching methodologies. The students are involved in various scientific research works, discussion on current hot topics such as Higgs Boson, Black holes, General theory of relativity etc. Currently the department is running with two guest faculty members. Classroom teaching loads are held to a level that encourages excellence in teaching and allows students to receive a maximum of attention. Students acquire basic skills and applied skills simultaneously. The experiments in the laboratory are based on Optics, Mechanics, electricity, magnetism etc. The courses GE Physics-I and GE Physics –II which covers different topics of Physics like Optics, Fiber optics, Laser, Theory of relativity, Electromagnetism, Holography, Quantum Mechanics and Nanotechnology etc. are taught to all the students of other departments of the university. A large collection of the books on Physics are available in the Institute Central library.

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