Post Graduate Council






The following are the rules as regards the working of the Post-Graduate Council at RDWU :


    As decided, a Post-Graduate Council be constituted with all the Heads of the Post-Graduate and Under Graduate Departments, located in the University.


    The P.G. Council shall meet ordinarily once in a month besides emergency meeting as and when necessary. The notice for such meetings shall be issued by the Chairperson of the Council.


    The term of the Office of the Chairperson shall be ordinarily for two years; i.e. from 1st June of the 1st year upto 31st May of the 2nd year.

    The Chairperson of the Post-Graduate Council will exercise the following functions through the University Office.

      Holding meetings of the Post-Graduate Council.


    Grant of C.L. to the employees of the University Office.



    Sanction of expenditure of contingency and other grants provided in the budget of the University Office.

    Distribution of general grants provided under the University Office.


    Issue of notices for submission of application forms for admission, holidays, suspension of classes on special occasions, for names to be struck off for non-payment of College dues, and other notices as may be necessary from time to time.


    The following officers be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the PostGraduate Council, for the management of the Hostels in the University campus.

      One Warden selected from among the Professors as per Statute.


    Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents are to be appointed from among Professors, Readers and Lecturers respectively.

    The term of officer mentioned in (a) & (b) above shall be for a period of two years.


    The names of the teachers for holding the following offices be recommended by the Post-Graduate Council for appointment by the Vice-Chancellor;





POST-GThe term of office of the Adviser and the Vice-President shall be for a period of two years.


    The University Office will continue to function under the overall control of the Chairperson of the Post-Graduate Council.


    All circulars relating to the examinations of the University be sent directly to the respective Heads of the Departments with a copy to the Head Clerk for record in the University Office, and that correspondence of general nature to be done by the Chairperson of the Council with the help of the University Office.


    The stock and store of the Departments be maintained by the respective offices of the Heads of the Department.


    The stocks and stores of the University Office be maintained by the University Office under the supervision of the Post-Graduate Council.

    Application for E.L. be sent to the University Office.


    Application for grant of C.L. of teaching and non-teaching staff in the offices of the respective Heads of Departments.


    The work relating to Sports and Games, N.C.C., the Students Council and Societies, be done in the University Office.


    The time-tables of the Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Departments be prepared by the respective Heads of Departments under intimation to the P.G. Council.


    The collection of fees be made by the University Office.


    The grants relating to contingency and other departmental grants be sent directly to the respective Heads of the Departments on requisition, and that the Heads of the Departments shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of the Accounts.


    The Financial Estimates of the Departments be sent to the University directly by the respective Heads of the Departments.


    The Warden and Board of Residence of the Hostels will be responsible for the discipline of students residing in the Hostels.


    College Leaving Certificate and Conduct Certificates in the prescribed forms provided by P.G. Council be issued to the students by the respective Heads of the Departments on production of no dues certificate from University Office.


    The Head of each Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Department will maintain the C.C.R. of the non-teaching staff in the Departments and submit the same to the Registrar for her remarks.


    The Head of each Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Department will duly transmit the CCR/ PAR of each teaching faculty member to the Chairperson, P.G. Council for endorsement of the same by the






The Departmental Teachers' Council be constituted in each of the Post-Graduate / UG Teaching Departments of the University for promoting academic activities and maintenance of discipline in the Department. The following will be the functions and objectives of the Council;


    Every P.G. Teaching Department shall have a Teachers' Council consisting of all the teachers in the Department. There shall be a secretary, teachers' council who will be the convenor.

    The Head of the Department will be the Chairperson and shall preside over all such meetings.


    The Teachers' Council shall preferably meet at least once a month besides as and when necessary. Its decision shall be recorded in writing and shall be signed by all members of the Teachers Council attending

The meeting.

    The Teachers' Council shall have the following functions:






    In case of differences between the Heads of Department and majority opinion in the Teachers' Council of a Department, the matter shall be referred to the Chairperson, P.G. Council, whose decision shall be final.


    The Heads of Departments shall report to the Chairperson P.G. Council about the functioning of their


respective Teachers' Council periodically.