National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS unit of Ramadevi Womens University is set up in 2016.

National Service Scheme was introduced in 1972 to establish a meaningful linkage between the students and community. It promotes the dignity of labour and sense of discipline among students youth through sustained community interaction. Through NSS, the students get opportunities to see the community closely and get an experience of human nature in relation to her environment. Thus, the ultimate aim of NSS has been to develop the personality of students through community service. It promotes a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour. 

The specific objectives of NSS are to arouse social consciousness among the students by providing the opportunities :

There is one NSS unit in the University having two groups, each consisting of fifty student volunteers. Certificates are issued to the deserving volunteers. Special Camping Programme

Special Camps are organized by the NSS, preferably during vacations, in the adopted villages. The Bhoi Sahi slum near Vani Vihar has been adopted by the N.S.S. unit of the Rama Devi Womens' University. The camp provides an opportunity to the students to work among the under privileged people and help them fulfill their urgent basic needs like literacy, environmental cleanliness, health, hygiene and sanitation, minimum medical facilities like first aids, etc.

AIDs Awareness 

Volunteers periodically visit the adopted the slum and enlighten the people, especially the women about the most dangerous disease of the millennium, i.e. AIDs and advise them to take preventive measures.

Seminars and workshops are regularly held in the university on burning issues like dowry problem, female foeticide, female literacy, aids awareness, drug abuse, gender inequality, and disaster management. Campus cleaning is done regularly by N.S.S. volunteers. Volunteers also visit the adopted slum and clean the roads with the help of the beneficiaries.

Tree plantations is carried out in the university premises as well as in the adopted slum. Programme

Office-in-Charge - Dr. Aliva Mohanty, Associate Professor, Mob: 9438670002, Mail-id: alivamohanty(at)rdwu(dot)ac(dot)in

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