Rama Devi Women's College Library was started in 1964. In 2004 the library became the first College Library to be automated with a LAN connection to different segments of the library. The Library is now locally Wi-Fi enabled with internet being available in all computers in the Library. The books and students cards have been bar coded to facilitate easy and faster circulation. Narrator software jaws were installed into computers for visually impaired students.

The College was declared as Rama Devi Women's University on 31s1 May 2015 and accordingly the Library become the Rama Devi Women's University Library.

As per the rules laid down in the statutes of the University the Library committee was constituted to deal with general administration of the Library and frame the relevant rules subject to approval of the authorities of the University. However, the day to day administration and management of the Library is to be looked after by the Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer under the overall supervision of the Chairperson P.G. Council.


Smt. Anuradha Das, B.A. Lib., M.-Lib., Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer 9238305001
Smt. Soudamini Bhuyan, MA,Lib., Asst. Librarian 9853152451
Smt. Swapna Mohanty, M.A.,Lib., Asst 9437631791
Smt. Manjushree Mishra, Library Attendant 9937563203
Smt. Shanti Ku. Pradhan, Library Attendant 8895483657
Smt. Minanayani Dei, Library Attendant 9439330530
Smt. Basanti Nayak, Lab. Attendant 787377256


The Library has the following sections

1. General Section : The dimension of the Library building is 100 ft. Long & 56 ft. broad. lt contains more than fifty thousand books including a wide range of very rich & rare collection of reference books for the use of its members (teachers, students, research scholars etc.)

2. Reference section : Functions from 10.30 AM to 4.30PM on all working days of the year except Sundays and holidays Books from this section are not issued to anyone but members can refer to them in the reading room section of the Library or get them photocopied in reprographic section.

3. Reading Room From 10.30 am to 4.30pm members of the Library can use the reading room section on all working days. This section accommodates 50 students at a time. A part of the Library is being used as student's Reading Room. The students can use any type of materials available in the Library after giving their proper identification. Along with reference and text books, magazines, journals and newspapers are also available. Question papers of the past years examinations are available to students for their ready reference. The public access catalogue is available in the computer present in the reading room so that students can search the library data base and find their book without the help of the Library staff. The teachers interested in pursuing their study and academic research use a part of this section marked exclusively for them.

4. Reprographic Section : The Library has a photocopy machine. Books & Journals which are not to be issued are photocopied and given at a subsidized rate without delay. Rarer and valuable books are photocopied & stored for future reference.

5. Hub for differently-abled students : Narrator software, Jaws is installed in two computers meant for use exclusively for the visually impaired students. More than 10GB of study materials, subject- wise, are present in the computers. There is also a document scanner to scan documents into the computer so that images can be converted to text by the help of OCR software.

Library Fund : Library fund consists of (1) Library development fee collected from each student at the time of admission. (2) UGC grant. (3) State grant.

Working hours: Working hours of Library are from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM on all working days except Sundays & other holidays. Books are issued to the students of different classes on specified dates.




  1. Every Employee of the University and the authorities of the University shall be the members of the University library.
  2. UG students will be enrolled as members of the library on the basis of the admission notification list forwarded by the PG Council Chairperson of the University.


  1. PG and M.Phil students will be enrolled as members of the Library on the basis of the certificate of admission forwarded by the respective Heads of Department. Borrower's card will not be supplied to a student member unless she produces the Identity card and a passport size photograph.
  2. Borrowers Card is not transferable.


  1. If a student member loses her borrower's Card she should immediately report this to the Chief Librarian in writing and a duplicate borrowers Card will be issued to her on payment of a fee of Rs. 50/- and on submission of a passport size photograph.
  2. No student will be (allowed to fill up forms) to appear at any University examination, unless she obtains a "No Dues" certificate from the Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer and no student shall be given a transfer Certificate without producing Library clearance.


  1. To terminate her membership, a student member shall return to the Library all the books borrowed by her along with her borrowers Card to the Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer who will then give her a certificate of "No Dues".
  2. The University shall not settle the accounts of a member without the production of "No Dues" Certificate from the Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer.
  3. Books borrowed by the members are not transferrable.
  4. Members shall appear in person to take books on loan.


  1. If the date of due return of a book falls on a holiday of the University, the books shall be returned on the next working day. However in case of summer vacation, Puja holiday, it shall be returned on the 1st working day after the vacation or the holidays as the case may be.


  1. Manuscripts, periodicals, dictionaries, books in reference section, rare books which might be difficult to replace and such other works as may be declared as rare shall not be taken out of the Library.


  1. Books which are temporarily in great demand may be lent for shorter periods as may be prescribed by the Librarian-cum-Chief Nodal Officer.
  2. No journals or back volumes can be issued to any borrower or to any department.


Rules for the Library users




Categories of Borrower


No. of Books

Time Permitted


Academic Staff



01 month


Non-Academic staff





UG Student



14 days


P.G. Student



14 days





14 days




the presumption will be against the borrower. In case of any damage found later on, the borrower is held responsible.