The emblem of our University which has a multi-foliate lotus encircled by the sun, diffusing its rays, has a deep spiritual significance.

The lotus stands for purity, love, and beauty. In the esoteric tradition, it stands for the inner consciousness.

The sixteen petals signify the sixteen mystical totems

Prana(life),  Sraddha(love),  Akasha(sky),  Vayu(air), Jyothi(light),  Apah(water),  Prithvi(earth).  Indriya(sense),  Manas(mind), Annam(food),  Veeryam(strength), Tapas(heat), Mantra(sacred utterance), Karma(duty),   Loka(world) and  Nama(name), as described in the Prashna Upanisad.

The Sun represents the cosmic light and wisdom. The relation between the lotus and the Sun signifies the inseparable relation between the individual consciousness and the Cosmic consciousness, the fountainhead of all light and wisdom. The unfolding of the petals of the lotus symbolizes the awakening of the inner self and the urge of the individual to attain the cosmic Light through the eternal life- values such as Love, Purity, and Knowledge.

sa vidya ya vimuktaye Knowledge leads to liberation.