Welcome to Department of Life Science

  1. The department of Life Sciences of the first women’s university of the state will be leader in acquiring fundamental and applied knowledge of living world, both plants and animals, to improve the health of this planet.
  1. We will work towards integrating quality education and research so that students not only learn but also contribute towards understanding of life.
  1. To maintain and enhance our reputation in providing quality education in broad areas of life sciences.
  1. To engage in high quality research in different aspects of biological sciences.
  1. To foster interdisciplinary research and training with institutes of national and international repute.
  1. To Create a learning environment that encourages self-reliance, intellectual challenge and mutually high academic expectations for faculty and students.
  1. Emphasize on laboratory, field and case studies that provide unique educational experience.
  1. To create an academia industry interface.
  1. To develop scientific programs to include opportunities.
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