Welcome to Department of Biotechnology

  1. To showcase the Department as a hub of global Biotechnology Research
  1. Empowerment of society and ensuring equal opportunity to women through cutting edge technology education, training and research.
  1. Biotechnology is the forefront of modern science and technology with enormous potential for the advantage of the human society. The Department aims at developing cutting edge research infrastructure, generation of human resource, popularization of biotechnology and technologies for societal benefits.
  1. Developing quality curriculum and research agenda for enhance efficiency in agriculture, molecular medicine and environmental sustainability.
  1. Developing a strong linkage between Academics, Research and Industry across the country and abroad
  1. To instill confidence and leadership quality among the young talents by nurturing and, mentoring them.
  1. Developing skilled manpower in the field of biotechnology.
  1. Implementation of biotechnological tools for upliftment of women and rural population.
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