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The Department of Biotechnology at Rama Devi Women’s University was established in the year 2015 with the aim to offer quality higher education and cutting edge research training in the emerging areas of biotechnology and allied sciences to the girl students from across the country. The department has ever since demonstrated an abiding obligation towards research and man-power development in frontier areas of biotechnology. A total of 7 independent research groups are active at the department studying on different aspects in molecular biology, functional genomics, genetic engineering, plant biotechnology, tissue engineering, Cancer biology and environmental biotechnology. Innovation based training is imparted to the students with a special emphasis on basic concepts of biological processes in order to pursue research in frontier areas of modern biology. Teaching and research programs of the department are supported by special grants from the DBT & DST, Govt. of India under human resource development programme. The faculty members at the Department are supported with several extramural grants and are recognised by national and international agencies. The publications coming out from the department demonstrate the significance of research work carried out in the department. The dept. currently offers courses in B.Sc Biotechnology, M.Sc Biotechnology and PhD in Biotechnology.

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